Chloe and Mike’s Bozeman Montana Fall Wedding at Roy’s Barn was the perfect wedding. Chloe and I actually met our freshmen year of college in a Writing 101 class at the University of Montana. I wanted to be her friend ALL semester, but I thought she was way too cool to be my friend. So imagine the joy I felt when I had an email in my inbox one day from Chloe 6 years later letting me know she was engaged and wanted to hire ME! Thankfully, I grew out of my shyness and we both had a deep love for Gilmore Girls, minimalistic/timeless style, and Montana.

In the beginning stages of planning her wedding, Chloe told me she wanted to have a barn wedding in Montana. However, she wanted NO lace, burlap, or rustic vibes whatsoever. Her vision was to make their fall wedding look timeless, minimal, and clean. She wanted all neutral colors and a lot of greenery everywhere. I was smitten with her style immediately. Her maid of honor, Kelsey, helped with all of the calligraphy on the paper goods of the day and spent hours creating the most amazing backdrop. The design elements were all their own and they DIY’ed everything except the table/chair rentals. It was the perfect Bozeman Montana Fall Wedding.

Getting married in Montana is always a gamble, but in September, it’s a shot in the dark. I was anxious all week seeing rain in the forecast, but the morning of the wedding we woke up to sun. It was a perfect early fall day for Montana and I spent the morning with the girls in the log cabin getting ready with a view of mountains out of every morning. However, by the time the ceremony was starting, it was starting to rain just a bit. We made it through the vows, in which Chloe & Mike had their entire family stand with them all touching one another’s shoulder to unite the family’s together. Suddenly, at the end of their vows, it started pouring. I’ll never forget that magical moment when tears turned to laughter, and every single person stayed rooted in their chairs. We all laughed together as it rained.

Following their gorgeous ceremony, everyone danced together in the upstairs barn. It was an epic party. All night, it thundered and rain above us as we danced. It was truly an unforgettable day!

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