Emily and Chris voyaged from their home of Boise, Idaho and took their love of hiking to the Isle of Skye in Scotland to elope. No guests. No frills. Just them. Some sheep. A photographer (me). And some damn good whisky.

Emily and Chris dreamed of dramatic landscapes for their elopement and that’s why they chose Scotland. It was a place on their radar for years and had seen so many incredible photos of it. They chose early May, before tourist season, when they knew there was a high chance of Scotland’s notorious fog and rain. I flew in a few days early and explored Edinburgh before making our way to the Isle of Skye, a region of the Scottish highlands. Emily wanted the style to feel a little boho while still timeless. She knew she needed a moody bouquet with deep jewel tones to match Scotland’s moody and eerie vibe.

Everything about the day was perfect. There are days in my career where I never stop smiling and this was one of them. We hiked to the top of a mountain (without a trail) and found a gorgeous opening on top of the mountain that overlooked a giant rock pillar and the ocean. After their intimate ceremony, we headed into town for a bite to eat before adventuring across Isle of Skye. We went to the infamous Fairy Pools of Scotland and hiked to the very end to get epic portraits near the falls. All along the trail people from around the world offered their congrats and sweet words, while also snapping photos of the bride and groom along the way.

After the Fairy Pools, we went to Neist Point which offers amazing views of sea plunging cliffs and an abandoned lighthouse at the very end. Although we didn’t make the hike to the end of Neist Point to see the lighthouse, we did soak in the view with a bottle of wine and cuddled under blankets.

Uig Cowshed Scotland WeddingThe Cowshed in Isle of Skye ScotlandCowshed Uig ScotlandScotlandElopementChrisEmilyMaggieGracePhotography-100ScotlandElopementChrisEmilyMaggieGracePhotography-101Isle of Skye Quiraing Scotland elopement ScotlandElopementChrisEmilyMaggieGracePhotography-107Quiraing Scotland elopementQuiraing Scotland elopementScotlandElopementChrisEmilyMaggieGracePhotography-117ScotlandElopementChrisEmilyMaggieGracePhotography-152Quiraing Scotland ElopementFairy Pools Elopement ScotlandScotlandElopementChrisEmilyMaggieGracePhotography-235ScotlandElopementChrisEmilyMaggieGracePhotography-236ScotlandElopementChrisEmilyMaggieGracePhotography-218Fairy Pools Scotland ElopementNeist Point elopement ScotlandScotlandElopementChrisEmilyMaggieGracePhotography-37ScotlandElopementChrisEmilyMaggieGracePhotography-23ScotlandElopementChrisEmilyMaggieGracePhotography-51ScotlandElopementChrisEmilyMaggieGracePhotography-296

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! My fiance and I are wanting to elope to the Isle of Skye, but are in need of suggestions! Do you have any you can share? Thanks in advance!


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