Early in July, Karina and Scott asked me what dates I had left in the summer for their fall Sun Valley wedding. As a Boise wedding photographer, the best weather is usually somewhere between June and August. In the mountains, it’s even more unpredictable. I had exactly one date left in September and that was IT. Without even another word, Karina planned her entire intimate wedding around my schedule. I warned her that the weather in the Sawtooth mountains can be unpredictable in September, let alone late September, which could have snow on the ground, but she told me she had to have me and she had to get married in the mountains. Snow or no snow. When a bride wants what she wants, I promise you, I will make it happen.

I was lucky enough to meet Karina a year and a half ago when she modeled for me. At the time, I was dying to photograph ANYTHING in the Sawtooths. It was my dream, yet it wasn’t happening. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and planned my first styled shoot for publication. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done and reaching out to Karina was definitely intimidating. I work with real people, not models. HA. However, I was so surprised to find out that Karina is one of the most genuine people in the world. After getting our shoot published, we went downtown to celebrate with drinks and became instant BFF’s. Long time friends. We are extremely different but I’ve never laughed so hard at or with someone than I have with Karina.

In planning their day, Karina and Scott ultimately wanted a cozy, intimate wedding. Karina wanted a simple wedding all about the mountains and the flowers. Karina has an obsession with glitter and the color pink and she dreamed of a bright pink bouquet. It terrified me, but I trusted Kara from Just So Event Floral to put together the most elegant and textured pink bouquet. She more than delivered!! Karina’s vision of pink and feminine details ended up being exactly perfect to pop against the orange aspen groves and the blue mountains. It was the most gorgeous day and Karina and Scott got to bring their son along with them to the mountains. Even though he slept through the ceremony, it was so special to see their little family come together. There were so many special moments, like the moment we had a spontaneous first look on the side of the highway because it was about to storm. Or the sweet love letter Scott read to Karina at sunset. Or the few minutes we spent watching the sun go down at Petit Lake with no one around for miles. It was so personal and sweet.

Thank you so much for inviting me to shoot your wedding! I am so honored to call you my friend.Sun Valley Idaho WeddingSunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0539Sawtooth mountains weddingSawtooth ElopementSawtooth elopementStanley Idaho ElopementBoise Wedding PhotographerBoise Wedding PhotographerBoise Wedding PhotographerSunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0547Boise Wedding PhotographerSunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0549SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0550SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0551Boise Wedding PhotographerSunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0553SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0554SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0555SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0556SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0557SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0558SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0559SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0560SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0561SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0562SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0564SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0563SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0565Boise Wedding PhotographerSunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0567SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0568SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0569SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0570Sun Valley Wedding PhotographerSunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0572SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0573SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0574SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0575SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0576Boise Wedding PhtoographerSunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0578SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0579SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0580SunValleyIdahoWeddingMaggieGracePhotography_0581


Wedding Planner & Officiant: Emily Aitken Events // Chris Aitken

Venue: Sawtooth Mountains

Florist: Just So Event Floral

Dress: Essense of Austrailia at Something Old, Something Borrowed Boutique

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