It meant the world to me that Tarah and JJ asked me to be the one to document their June mountain top Bogus Basin wedding in Boise, Idaho. I met Tarah through mutual friends and I loved her almost instantly because of her infectious laugh and sense of humor. The second I saw that she got engaged on Facebook, I crossed all my fingers + toes that she would email me. I remember sitting in the middle of the bustling Java in Hyde Park when I got her email and I almost screamed a little bit because I was so excited. She told me she was willing to do just about anything to have me shoot her wedding and it was pretty much a dream to help make her vision for her boho mountain wedding come to life!

The crazy thing most people don’t believe about Idaho when I tell them about our unpredictable weather is that it sometimes snows in June. The morning of Tarah and JJ’s wedding, it was gloomy and cloudy. As I drove up Bogus Basin Road in early June, raindrops turned to huge fat snowflakes. I assured her about a million times that everything would be JUST FINE. Low and behold, by noon, the snow had stopped and the sun was shining for the rest of the day. You never know what you’re going to get when you plan an Idaho wedding, which is half the fun right!? It sure makes being a Boise wedding photographer interesting, anyways.

Watching JJ’s reaction to seeing Tarah in her wedding dress was one of my favorites memories of the day that sticks out in my mind. Not only did he cry, but he kept whispering over and over again how beautiful she was. After the ceremony was over, we danced all night in the Pioneer Lodge with twinkle lights casting the most romantic ambience over the log beams. It was truly the perfect mountain wedding and I am so lucky that Tarah asked me to be a part of it!

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  1. Incredibly beautiful pictures, capturing living and poignant moments! These pictures will forever capture my memories of that unforgettable and special day!!! Maggie did an excellent job, as a detailed and professional photographer!!!


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