When I first moved to Boise, I was lucky enough to live in a studio apartment in the beloved and historic North End. My first year in Boise was spent walking and biking home from Sun Ray Cafe after a few beers and hiking in Camel’s Back from my backyard. Part of my routine was stopping in Hyde Perk for a white chocolate mocha where I worked and met clients. I was lucky enough to meet Brian and Peyton at Hyde Perk Coffee for the first time where they told me about their meet-cute romantic comedy worthy story.

Peyton and her sisters opened Hyde Perk several years ago – so cute, right? A coffee shop started by sisters!? Peyton moved to Boise from Spokane and shortly after moving here, Brian started crushing on the cute new barista. One day, he found the courage to ask her out… and she turned him down. But over the next week, she started rethinking her decision and realized maybe she needed to give her handsome, regular customer a chance. After ordering his coffee one day, she ran after him outside the coffee shop and asked him to hang out. The rest is basically history as the two were a perfect fit right from the start. Both Brian and Peyton share a love for their Australian Shepard, Josie, the outdoors, fishing, their big families, and good coffee.

I loved Peyton immediately. She told me her priorities were two things: having a huge dance party that lasted all night and having her dream wedding photos. Brian and Peyton chose a venue in the mountains with lodging on site to party with their guests all weekend without worrying about driving home. 

One of the moments I’ll never forget about Brian and Peyton’s big day was when Peyton was just about to walk down the aisle. I looked at Brian and I looked at his parents and Peyton’s mom, all who were turned toward the altar waiting for Peyton to walk down the aisle. Both sets of parents and Brian were praying and had these huge smiles on their faces. At that moment, I knew I was documenting something truly special that I don’t get to see or photograph all the time. Their families truly cherished one another and valued family first above everything else. These two families both felt like they won the lottery with their kiddos decided to get married. It was so beautiful to see the overflowing amount of love that Brian and Peyton’s family had for their love and relationship. 

Immediately after their ceremony, I drove Brian and Peyton down the road to a gorgeous overlook above the Salmon River canyon with views for miles as the sun went down. Their rustic fall wedding day was the perfect blend of romance, rustic charm, boho vibes, and FUN. I had the best time celebrating their love and dancing all night with them.

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Congrats again to Peyton and Brian! I had the best time photographing your rustic fall wedding. <3

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