I’ve always been told by my couples that what they love about me is that I do most of the talking for them 😉 For real, being an extrovert has been the best tool as a photographer. I always find that when I meet people who are quieter or more nervous about getting their photos taken, I can easily break the ice by being weird and breaking the tension. Trust me! I get it. It’s so hard to trust a stranger you’ve never met to take your photos. However, when I met up with Kellie and Gus, I brought my other favorite party trick to lighten the mood: CAROL! If you ever want to be my best friend, just become obsessed with my dog and I’ll love you right away. It seemed like the moment Carol kissed Kellie and Gus, we were all instant BFFs!

Kellie and Gus are high school sweethearts who met for the first time when they were 14 and 15-years-old. This adorable couple crushed on one another for years until they inevitably met at a party. One of my favorite things about my job is observing how personalities come together. Some couples are exactly alike and some are so different. I could tell that Kellie was on the softer side while Gus was the bubbly one, and it was so, so magical to see Kellie light up around Gus and laugh fully during their Boise Foothills engagement session. It’s so, so special to me to watch couples bring out the best in one another, especially in a situation where you’re taking your engagement photos with someone you have never met!

Enjoy this couple’s Boise Foothills engagement session, and stay tuned for their adorable McCall wedding by the lake!

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