When Meghan emailed me over a year and a half ago about her boho summer wedding, she told me she had booked her dream wedding venue in Atlanta, Idaho and would get married any day that I was free during the 7 days they had it booked. You see… they chose the coolest way to throw a wedding. They booked a giant cabin that slept over 50 people and reserved it for 7 days. With families on opposite coasts, they knew their guests would have to travel, so they decided to turn it into one big long week celebration. I told her Monday or Tuesday would be easiest because I was already booked the two Saturdays sandwiched between, so Monday it was. And it was the loveliest Monday of all time.

Wow, how many good things can I say about this wedding? 

Let me be clear, I have seen a lot of weddings. Nearly 300. But there has never been a wedding quite like Meghan and Sam’s wedding. Right away, Meghan warned me she had no vendors. I was it. Her dream was to have her dream photographer and all her favorite people in one place. That’s it. Flowers? Nope. Perfect furniture rentals? Nah, they used lawn furniture. Catering? Didn’t do that either- their family all prepared the meals together. DJ? Nope. They used a perfectly curated playlist on their iPhone. And yet, it was absolutely perfect. 

My favorite moment is a million favorite moments from this day. There was the moment Meghan walked down the “aisle” through a field of wildflowers while 50 of their guests stood together in a huge meadow with giant mountain peaks behind them. As she and her dad got closer to the ceremony space, her dad kissed her hand and they were both crying. I immediately started choking up. Both Meghan and Sam’s dad officiated the ceremony together, and, rather than having just their wedding party stand with them, their parents, siblings, and wedding party stood by their side as they said their vows. Before their vows, however, their dads asked their guests to shout words to describe each person and express why they were special. It was so magnetic and the energy was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It was clear that they created a very intentional and intimate space. There was a moment I just put down my camera and realized I’d been crying as I looked around on the most perfect August summer day with the sun starting to set and saw every person in the audience holding hands in a chain, ALL of them silently crying. It was so beautiful, so meaningful, and so right for Meghan and Sam. Better yet, in Meghan’s vows, she described Sam as “the perfect 9 to balance her 7” and, honestly, I have never related to a vow more.

After the ceremony, Meghan and Sam led a conga line out of the meadow with all their guests dancing behind them. We all laughed and I joined in while taking photos down the conga line. It was perfect.

We took a few family photos, danced again in the meadow with the wedding party, and after all the “formal” photos were done, I stole Meghan and Sam away to a lake in front of the mountains for a sunset canoe ride. It was so quiet and peaceful. Nestled in the Sawtooths, it felt like time stood still for these two wild lovers as they canoed around the lake and the mountains burned with the alpine glow of the sunset.

I sat down at a guest table among their guests for dinner and enjoyed their emotional speeches that never seemed to end. After, their family and wedding party boogied under the stars with twinkle lights in the trees above them. It was so romantic and felt just like being a teenager living in an endless Idaho summer. Everyone kicked off their shoes and danced in the grass. It was so raw and amazing. Everyone celebrated until past 4 am.

When I asked the guests the next day about the wedding and their experience all week, they told me it was the best wedding they’d ever been a part of. One of Meghan’s family members told me everyone felt important and involved in an aspect of the wedding. It was so refreshing to feel that everyone present was SO present for more than a day, but for a week. Every day, someone was on breakfast duty, and they started each day with a hike followed by yoga and pool time. After a giant family dinner, they played games and drank bottle after bottle of red wine for a week straight. I still cry when I think about this magical wedding. Thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your magical experience, Meghan and Sam. Your boho summer wedding was more than just a wedding day, it was a full experience and I’ll never forget it.

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Congrats again to Meghan and Sam! If you loved their boho summer wedding, then you have to check out this summer boho wedding at Galena Lodge in McCall, Idaho!

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