There’s just something about Stanley, Idaho couples that gets me right in the feels. It seems like I have some sort of personal connection to every couple I have ever worked with in Stanley. When Scott and Jessica first reached out about their dreamy Sawtooth wedding, of course, all I had to hear was that they loved dogs and wanted to get married in the mountains for me to scream, “YES! I’M THERE!” As we got closer to scheduling their engagement session, coincidentally we planned it exactly one year before their actual wedding- which was super cool. 

On the day of their summer engagement session, I’ll never forget how perfect of a late June evening it was. I drove in that afternoon listening to Lord Huron with the windows rolled down and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. We met up first at their hotel bar, the Sawtooth Inn, which is my favorite pre-engagement session tradition. Hot tip: a strong IPA helps with the pre-shoot jitters, hehe. I immediately noticed Scott looked familiar but I didn’t say anything. As we started chatting more, he mentioned he grew up in Moscow and it finally clicked that I had played soccer with his little brother and we were both born and raised in Moscow! Immediately, it felt like I was working with family.

After beers, we drove up to my secret spot on the ridgeline overlooking Stanley. It’s my favorite spot and most sought after when couples come to me asking for Sawtooths photos 😉 We drove down the all dirt road and, sure enough, the wildflowers were in full bloom and the sunset illuminated the entire sky in pinks and oranges. I LOVE Stanley in June the most out of the entire year because it’s before peak tourist season. I love nothing more than a breezy mountain evening with wildflowers and bare shoulders. Jessica and Scott totally rocked their summer engagement session and cuddled and laughed all evening and we watched the sun go down together. It was a perfect late spring/early summer day and these photos are so special to me because they embody everything I love about my job and the people I get to work with!

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