Raechel and Tanner’s boho farm wedding was special in so many ways. But if you ask me, what made their wedding extra magical was the fact that it was in my hometown! Anytime I get a wedding inquiry for my hometown of Moscow, Idaho, my heart gets all melty and excited. Raechel and Tanner are one of the sweetest high school sweethearts couples I’ve ever met! They started dating when they were in high school and right after graduating, started their life together. Raechel emailed me almost two full years before her wedding because she said wedding photography was her absolute highest priority on the wedding day. She locked-down one of the most popular September dates and I was so lucky I could be in our hometown for their wedding!

On the morning of Raechel’s wedding, Raechel told me she wanted a laid-back day. She told me early on in the wedding process that she gets anxious in crowds so we planned a first look on Moscow Mountain so she and Tanner would have some private time with one another without people around. One of my favorite things about first looks is just the simplicity of getting away from the chaos of a whole wedding party getting ready, the last-minute details at a venue, and family. A first look is just about enjoying the present moment and, oftentimes, it is the only uninterrupted time you get to have together. I always stress that for at least 10-15 minutes, I’ll leave my couples completely alone without a camera around just to enjoy each other. 

Unfortunately, Raechel and Tanner’s timeline got a little behind. We were fast approaching the ceremony time when we were supposed to be already done with the first look. WOOPS. She asked me if I thought we should still do the first look. I thought back to our first conversations about what was most important to her on the wedding day and pretty much decided for all of us that we’d be late to the wedding so they could have their own time together. We made it to Moscow Mountain and the weather was perfect with fall colors starting to peek through the forest. Raechel and Tanner got to have some time just for themselves and thank GOODNESS we did because as soon as the ceremony was over, we had about ten minutes for family and wedding party photos. No one was angry that we were a little behind schedule and I’m so glad we got enough time to take their amazing wedding day portraits!

Fall on the Palouse is one of my favorite memories about living in Moscow. These photos remind me of falling in love with exploring new backcountry roads when I was a teenager in my 1983 Subaru with my first SLR. Raechel and Tanner’s boho farm wedding perfectly tied together with rustic elements of living and growing up on the Palouse while having boho elements that reflected Raechel’s style. 

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing day!

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