If you were to ask me about shooting a Sawtooth engagement session in Stanley in late November… usually, my answer would be an absolute no. Ha! I’ve encountered blizzards and snow in September so usually by November highways are closed or it’s just not possible. However, last fall we had a strangely warm November. Danielle and Brock hired me in the late fall and with good weather in the forecast for Stanley, we decided to go for it!

Sure enough, we met up on a perfect fall day. Not kidding, I’ve never seen such amazing weather in late November. The sun was shining and all the tourists were gone as we made our way to Stanley Lake! It was seriously one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever seen in Stanley. The lake was frozen over, the mountains were covered in snow above us, and the sun poured into the valley. It was unreal.

For a couple of hours, we walked around the empty beach hanging out and having fun. It was so easy hanging out with Danielle and Brock – these two crack me up with their sense of humor and how much they love to laugh! 

I can’t wait for their wedding at the end of 2020 and sharing more of their love story!

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  1. Stunning pics and view! I love the tones and the light, wow! Beautiful flares you got! Love that they include their pet in the session. Definitively Stanley is place for a session!

  2. This engagement session looks so carefree and so much fun! And the golden light is just amazing, this must have been such a perfect day!
    I love how you captured their smiles and happiness!

  3. Wow! I can’t get over how perfect the lighting is during this engagement session, and the way the reflections shine off the lake…these are absolutely stunning!

  4. You know, my mom has this thing where she always heads to the front on the parking lot no matter how busy and says, “don’t worry they saved us a spot in the front row”. I think I got my optimism from her. November in Stanley? Don’t worry, they save us a good day. <3 Thanks, Maggie! Here's to love, in the time of coronavirus.


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