Drew's Backyard Maternity Lifestyle Session in Boise, Idaho was a photographer's dream. On a perfect summer morning in June, I drove only a few blocks down the street to hang out with Drew, Dexter, Leo, and their dog, Bodhi. I've been lucky enough to photograph this amazing family several times over the past 5 years. From their engagement photos to their first maternity shoot with Leo to newborn photos and more. They are one of my favorite families and repeat clients. Not only do they make me espresso every time I show up at their house for a shoot, but Drew lets me go with my creative vision to create magic. Somehow, we always create some of my favorite photos I'm most proud of.

I'm pretty sure after every shoot with Drew and Dexter I tell them that these are my new favorite photos I've ever taken. Spoiler alert: I say that after every shoot with every couple ;).

However, documenting their little family in the place they spend the most time was truly a dream. As a Boise family photographer, shooting in the Boise summer is my favorite season. For their maternity photos, it didn't feel right to dress up in a fancy gown and head up to the mountains. Drew told me that wasn't her and she just wanted to wear a dress she wears around the house and take photos with Leo in the place they spend the most time. At two years old, Leo loves being barefoot and running around the yard naked. She hoped to capture exactly that.

Our vision for their backyard maternity lifestyle session was better than I even imagined.

Advice for Backyard Maternity Lifestyle Session & Family Shoots

I like to warn people that lifestyle sessions can feel a little chaotic in the moment. I give less direction during a lifestyle session than I do during a regular family photoshoot. Lifestyle sessions are all about documenting everything happening, from the tantrums to the chaos and cuddles and occasional naked booty. Especially with toddlers, they are the boss of our shoot. As much as possible, I want the kids to be in the best mood possible. When kids can be free, the best images are created. Leo ran around the yard with a popsicle and pretty much refused all direction. However, that was the best part about it. He picked strawberries. He played with ants and rollie pollies in the grass. And we enjoyed a perfect morning in the best Boise neighborhood preserving this beautiful moment in time.

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