Chris and Christy dreamed of a fairytale woodland inspired Big Sur Redwoods Elopement. These two met on Tinder, fell in love, and decided to spend forever to go. Originally, they started planning a wedding with the help of their families at home in Texas. However, they soon realized their wedding was starting to become less and less them and more money than they wanted to spend. Christy started dreaming of a fairytale elopement in the forest and came across Big Sur's Redwood forests. I've lived and worked in Big Sur so luckily Christy came across my work here at the Alila Ventana.

After a few emails, Christy and Chris hired me for their quiet friends and close family only elopement in the Redwoods. They had never even been to the Redwoods before arriving with 20 of their friends and family from Texas. My favorite moment was realizing as we left the main visitor parking lot and started walking along the trail through the Redwoods that everyone was experiencing those big giant trees for the first time... together. There is something so utterly magical about stepping into a giant Redwood forest. I've never felt as humbled as I did the first time I stood in a Redwood forest grove!

Together, we hiked into the Redwoods to a forest grove Chris and Christy were able to rent by the hour for their ceremony. These two were so go with the flow. Christy walked down the aisle with her cousin and best friend carrying her cape sleeves behind her. The light illuminated her blush pink wedding dress with sparkles. Chris promised to spend forever remembering how lucky he was to love her and expressed how thankful he was for the community of amazing friends they shared together who traveled to Texas for their elopement.

Not much gets better than this. Their entire elopement felt carefree and so natural. I felt like I was simply documenting moments and emotions, not poses. It was a dream come true.

After their beautiful Big Sur Redwoods elopement ceremony, we drove to the beach together. Their entire group joined us for sunset portraits. Watching Chris and Christy react to seeing the aqua color of the ocean for the first time as well as the plunging cliffs was so euphoric. It felt euphoric and dream-like. Chris and Christy cuddled along the cliffside taking in the sunset. We took photos. Then we laughed as the wind roared. We felt present. After a few moments along the water, we all said goodbye so they could party with their best friends at their Airbnb!

Thank you SO much Chris and Christy! Your joy is contagious.

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