hey, I’m Maggie Grace

My name is Maggie Grace. I started my career in the Sawtooth mountains in Idaho and decided to move to Monterey Bay, California in October 2021 for the winter. I live in a cute bungalow on the Boise Bench with a blue door in the summer and live on the beach in the winter. I’m currently calling the mountains of Idaho and the beaches of California home. Available in both locations!

I’m an optimistic, overly excited ENFJ and energetic Slytherin.

Here’s the funny thing: I never planned on being a photographer. I got my biology and English degrees from the University of Montana, but I always loved documenting my travels and my life. Eventually I graduated college and realized my summer gigs photographing weddings was what made me happiest, so I moved to Boise, Idaho without a plan and started my business here. I’ve been full-time for 8 years.

Meeting new people is my passion and I became a wedding photographer when I realized my dream job was hanging out with emotional strangers.

If you and I might be on opposing teams at Harry Potter pub trivia, I might be your wedding photographer.

If you want a photographer who will dance with you to Taylor Swift on your wedding day, I might be your wedding photographer.

If you text in all capital letters and want to share funny Tik Toks, we will definitely be friends.

I’m also a big fan of dogs, everything related to Gilmore Girls & The OC, reading Young Adult novels, watching horror movies (I *live* for Halloween), rearranging all the furniture in my house every three months, curating my dream Patagonia shopping list, eating Pizza no less than 4 times per week, and finding new documentaries about space.

I am most excited about working with people who want to get married somewhere beautiful and throw a rad party with their friends and family. I believe weddings should be all about making the day feel as “you” as it possibly can. I love that I get to work with real people with all different backgrounds and stories. If you’re a little nervous about getting your picture taken, don’t be. I’m just a dork with huge glasses who wants to make you look like a rockstar.

things I'm obsessed with

cheese pizza
my adorable parents
Gilmore Girls
personality tests (I’m an ENFJ!)
Stanley, Idaho
people who snort when they laugh
YA fiction
trivia nights at craft breweries
A-Frame cabins

I love you and I like you