hey, I'm maggie grace


      My name is maggie grace. I am a proud Idaho native who calls Boise home. I live in a cute bungalow on the Boise Bench with a blue door and spend my mornings brunchin’ at Big City Coffee.

      I’m an optimistic, overly excited, ENFJ, and energetic Slytherin.

      Here’s the funny thing: I never planned on being a photographer. I got my biology & english degrees from the University of Montana, but I always loved documenting my travels and my life. Eventually I graduated college and realized my summer photography gigs photographing weddings was what made me happiest, so I moved to Boise, Idaho without a plan and started my business here. I’ve been full time for 3 years and I’ve been taking photos professionally for 5 years.

      Meeting new people is my passion & I became a wedding photographer when I realized my dream job was hanging out with emotional strangers.

      If you and I might be on opposing teams at Harry Potter pub trivia, I might be your wedding photographer.

      If you want a photographer who will dance with you to Taylor Swift on your wedding day, I might be your wedding photographer.

      I am most excited about working with people who want to get married somewhere beautiful and throw a rad party with their friends & family. I believe weddings should be all about making the day feel as you as it possibly can. I love that I get to work with real people with all different backgrounds and stories. If you’re a little nervous about getting your picture taken, don’t be. I’m just a dork with huge glasses who wants to make you look like a rockstar.

      things I'm obsessed with

      cheese pizza

      gilmore girls

      stanley, idaho

      my adorable parents


      YA fiction

      personality tests (I’m an ENFJ!)

      people who snort when they laugh

      trivia nights at craft breweries

      live music


      frequently asked ?'s
      where do you live?

      Boise, Idaho is where I'm based!

      what cameras do you use?

      nikon d750 & nikon d610 are my two best friends. otherwise, I use only prime lenses. I have a 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm. I always travel with 3 camera bodies on me for backup!

      do you travel? how much extra is travel costs?

      YES! I've been to Scotland, Texas, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, California, and Tennessee for work. I love experiencing new places.

      I don't charge travel fees for McCall, Idaho or Stanley, Idaho in the summer months.

      For all weddings & elopements beyond 80 miles of Boise, I ask that you cover my airfare or gas and a hotel room for the night before & after your wedding! I prefer to book all travel accommodations myself and provide a custom travel quote for each location.

      what are your rates?

      my weddings start at $3,500.

      my elopements start at $1,800.

      portraits start at $600.

      do you only shoot elopements?

      nope! while I do love elopements & intimate weddings, I love celebrating your love with your family and friends in bigger settings as well. for weddings over 150 people, I recommend a second shooter to make sure nothing gets missed!

      do you have a second shooter?

      Second photographers are available on your wedding day! I have specific photographers I've worked with and personally trained so you get the best of the best.

      why is wedding photography so expensive?

      I get it. I do. However, when you hire a professional, not only do you get the assurance of an experienced professional who can handle any situation, but you get the protection of insurance and liability in case there are any accidents. all my gear is insured and I have backups for every scenario. I have also taken classes in digital editing.

      when will I get my photos back?

      1 week for engagements & portraits.

      8-10 weeks for weddings & elopements.

      what's next?

      let's have coffee or get a drink!

      email me directly at maggiegracephotography@gmail.com

      or call me at 1-208-596-6741.

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