collection 1


      12 Hours of wedding coverage

      Second Photographer

      $4000 album credit

      Online Gallery

      collection 2


      10 Hours of Wedding Coverage

      Second Photographer

      $1250 Album Credit

      Online Gallery

      collection 3


      8 Hours of Wedding Coverage

      $1000 Album Credit

      Online Gallery

      collection 4


      6 Hours of Wedding Coverage

      Online Gallery

      what is "album credit"?

      I am extremely passionate about designing custom albums that will last a lifetime! I want you to be able to hold your album in your hands and relive the memories of your wedding day on every anniversary. I want you to show your kids and your grandkids what your wedding day looked like in an album that you’ll someday pass on to them. Each album includes 10 spreads.

      $1000     8×8 Leather Album

      $1250    10×10 Leather Album

      $1500    12×12 Leather Album


      $750 “parent” Leather Mini Album (only available as an add on)


      $125 / each additional spread

      custom add ons

      $400 / extra hour of wedding coverage

      $900 rehearsal dinner coverage (includes 2 hours)

      $600 couple session

      $1200 travel couple session

      $1000 wedding guest book

      $1000 second photographer


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