Hailey and Garett emailed me this spring asking if I’d be available for a Boise engagement session. Despite breaking my heart and letting me know they had a wedding photographer already, they sent the sweetest email detailing their long-distance relationship over the last four years that finally led to starting their shared life together in Boise. They wanted to document their new life and new house that they bought together in Idaho with an engagement session to celebrate this new chapter! 

Around the time they emailed me, the pandemic was in full swing and I let them know I was waiting until restrictions were lifted before shooting again. During this time, I was scouting and taking long drives to find new locations around Boise for shoots. If you’re from Boise, you know there is an allusive “secret spot” everyone in Boise knows about. And if you don’t know where it is, you have definitely seen viral photos of this spot because of the epic snow-capped mountains in the background and curving river that is framed by the canyon. It’s an epic location and one I’ve been reluctant to share because I don’t want it to become oversaturated with too many people. Sometimes with secret spots, I wait for the right couple and email to come along before I’ll share it. Garrett works for the state of Idaho in legislation to protect the fish & wildlife and protected lands in our state so I had a feeling they would respect the area as well and be equally excited to see this magical location.

We were finally able to shoot in late May and this was my first session in almost four months! I first met them at their new house and took some photos outside with their sweet dogs before we hopped in the car and made the 2 hour trip to the “secret spot.” Haley and Garrett brought canned wine and we kicked off their shoot with a drink. I like to preach that my sessions are like 50% hanging out having fun with beverages, and 50% actually taking photos. I always want them to feel as much like a normal date night as possible! We goofed off and found out we went to the University of Montana at the same time and knew so many of the same people, but somehow never crossed paths!

After taking some casual photos in the forest, we drove up the canyon on dirt roads with sheer cliffs and drop-offs at sunset. The sun was absolutely incredible and we laughed 99% of the time we were shooting. I think there are about 10 photos of them not laughing when we had to intentionally be serious. These two are an absolute blast and became instant friends! 

Thank you Haley & Garrett for inviting me to be a part of your Boise engagement session!

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Thanks again for inviting me to tag along and photograph your engagement session, Haley and Garrett!

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