Ali and Alex’s Trinity Farm wedding is one for the books! Not only was their wedding day incredible, but they have a love story to make it all that more magical.

These two have followed me on Instagram for YEARS. When Ali first wrote to me that she was engaged, she told me she’d been following my work since 2016 and knew she wanted me to be her photographer. That’s probably the best/most amazing compliment in the world to me. I immediately clicked with this amazing couple at their Sawtooth engagement session. We talked about the patriarchy, politics, toxic masculinity, true crime, and so much. 

Ali and Alex have one of the most unique “meet cute” stories I’ve ever heard. These two met through their parents – their parents worked together and traveled across Washington for work frequently. They lived in completely different towns in Washington and met one fateful day as teenagers when their parents planned to hang out. They added each other on Facebook and started messaging one another out of curiosity and thinking one another was cute. What followed was a rollercoaster through their teen to early twenties as they became best friends who had massive crushes on one another but also lived hundreds of miles apart and dated other people. Finally, when they were in college, they figured out their shit, fell in love, and a few years later decided to get married. 

On a perfect autumn day near Seattle, Washington, Ali and Alex held their wedding day at a Christmas Tree Farm. Ali told me she loved the idea of getting married at a place where things grew and life bloomed. I arrived in the mid-morning to a quiet farm before the wedding party had even arrived yet. It was tranquil and peaceful and I could see the mountains and Evergreens all around us. Once the wedding party arrived, I documented Ali’s mom helping her into her dress, Alex’s mom discovering the Lizzo Aristocrats Youtube Video as she helped Alex with his tie, and carried the relaxed energy throughout the morning. 

My favorite memory of the day will forever be their first look. Originally I had the idea of taking them to an epic waterfall, but the waterfall I planned on taking them to was closed that day. Instead, I found a really cool lake in the mountains with these crazy stumps along the shoreline. We headed there with plenty of time and no rush at all and Ali and Alex read love letters to one another between the trees. We took portraits and took our time enjoying all the amazing fall colors around us that reflected off the lake. It was so beautiful and magical!

After their first look, we headed back to their venue for the ceremony. The sun came out just as Ali walked down the aisle and the rest of the evening flowed perfectly. Ali and her dad planned a synchronized father/daughter dance to rock music from the ages. Ali and Alex brought the dance party and their friends and family danced hard all night. 

I am obsessed with you two! Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your day!

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Congratulations again to Ali and Alex! I loved every bit of your Trinity Farm wedding.

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