Rachel and Tyler threw an epic Coopers Hall Portland Wedding full of love and a lot of celebration. These two value quality time with friends and family above anything else. Inviting their friends and family to party with them in downtown Portland Oregon at an incredible urban winery was the perfect choice to celebrate their marriage! Coopers Hall in Portland is the perfect wedding venue filled with natural light, tons of greenery, and urban design.

Traveling to Portland Oregon for work is always a treat as a wedding photographer. As much as I love mountains and epic landscapes, changing things up and working in a gorgeous naturally lit urban winery was such a blast. I feel so lucky that Rachel and Tyler wanted me to be a part of their Coopers Hall Portland Wedding!

Here's a little interview with the couple about their wedding day!

How did you and your partner meet & fall in love?

Turns out we actually lived in the same hallway our Freshman year of college. However, we didn't actually officially meet until Sophomore year through some mutual friends. We've been together 8 years now and honestly don't remember the "falling in-love" single moment. We have managed to grow our love through the years as we keep conquering the next chapter of life side by side.

What was the first decision you made when planning your wedding?

Our Wedding Venue! Getting married right as Covid was "ending" , we wanted to find a venue and lock down our date set ASAP so we could choose our venders. Maggie was the first person I reached out to once we had the date set!

What were your priorities when planning your wedding day? What was most important to you about your wedding?

We really wanted to make sure that those came to celebrate us had a great time and we wanted to prioritize being able to spend time with them. With that said, we skipped a lot of the traditional things, ie. cake cutting, bouquet toss, games, etc. so we could have a great time with everyone. So glad we decided to cut those items! 

What made you choose your venue and location?

When searching for Venue's we knew we wanted an indoor element, since Oregon weather is SO unpredictable. We ended up falling in love with Coopers Hall the moment we walked in.  Everything from the greenery in the venue, to the food, and hospitality were AMAZING. I recommend hiring Coopers Hall for any event! 10/10

What feeling or moment sticks out the MOST from your wedding day? What part of the day had the most effect on you or your relationship?

Tyler: My favorite part was being alone at the end of the night and just reflecting on the entire day. It was so chaotic and we didn't have a lot of time together in the moment. 

Rachel: After we said our " I Do's" and walking down the aisle to see all our favorite people there with us.

What was the funniest moment of the day?

The first thing that comes to mind is my veil catching on a table and ripping as I was walking down the aisle. Oh well!

How did you pick your wedding vendors? What were your priorities when choosing your vendors?

I really wanted to find people that not only met my vision, but that I could trust and let them do their thing! Each call I had with the vendor's we hired, I just new that they were going to mesh with Tyler and I, respect our requests,  and have a great time with us! if I had to do it all again, I would choose the same team in a heart beat. 

Any future advice for future couples, please share here!

Don't fret the small stuff! Nobody will remember those things once the day is done. Soak up as much time with your loved ones leading up to the event and relaxxx (easier said than done, unless you're the groom lol). 

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