Ty and Jillian's Palouse Knot Barn Wedding outside of Moscow, Idaho was nothing short of an emotional love fest. When I think about examples of the kind of love I hope to have someday, Ty and Jill's love is at the top of my list. You might recognize them from the few times I've already been lucky enough to photograph them. Ty reached out to me a couple years ago to help him plan his amazing proposal on Moscow Mountain. I documented their proposal and then their engagement photos in the Sawtooths. I feel like I got to experience most of their major milestones as a couple with them and they have a special place in my heart!

Moscow, Idaho is my hometown. I was so excited when Ty and Jillian told me they booked the Palouse Knot Barn for their summer wedding. They envisioned a wedding smack dab in the middle of the Palouse during the prettiest time of year when all the rolling hills are green. Photography was their biggest priority on their wedding day after making sure they had the most epic dance party of all time.

When I first met Jillian and Ty, it was just a couple months into their relationship. I met them at another wedding. Sometimes, a couple just has that soulmate energy about them. I felt that with these two. The way they look at each other melted my heart immediately. If they aren't laughing together, they are crying. Truly, I have rarely seen two people who are better fit as a couple!

Jillian and Ty's story is also one of my favorite love stories. Jillian is an elementary school teacher. Despite growing up in the same small town, they didn't know one another and never met. One day at work, she was introduced to her new para, or teacher's assistant. Jillian and Ty both had giant crushes on one another immediately, but they were both too shy to do anything about it. They spoke professionally to one another at work. For months, Jillian would send texts to her friend about the cute guy who worked in her classroom.

One fateful night, they ended up at the same bar on a weekend night. Their mutual friends knew one another and they ended up sitting together. That was all it took. Once the ice was broken, they were inseparable. The universe clearly wanted them to be together. To think they grew up just a few blocks down the street from one another their entire life without ever meeting. It's a story too perfect for words.

A Summer Palouse Knot Barn Wedding

There aren't many wedding venues unfortunately on the Palouse. However, I love working on the Palouse near Moscow! Here's a popular wedding in Moscow I photographed in 2018. If you're looking for a venue, The Palouse Knot Barn is a gorgeous historic barn located about 30 minutes from Moscow nestled in the middle of the gorgeous rolling hills. The morning of their wedding, the skies were blue with scattered puffy postcard worthy clouds. It was a perfect day.

My favorite moment of Ty and Jillian's wedding was during their vows. I knew their personal vows would be good, but they were by far some of the best I've ever heard. Their mutual respect for one another and deep love for making each other laugh came through in their vows. Their love simply makes one another better, but also makes the world a better place. Everyone around them feels their huge outpouring love they have for their people and each other.

An epic dance party was their top priority. And it sure delivered. 150 people danced all night under the stars together next to the gorgeous old Silos. When I tell you my legs were sore for days after dancing with them when I was off the clock, I truly mean it.

Congrats, Ty and Jill. Your love is once in a lifetime and it's a joy to be in your orbit.

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