Jessi and nick’s Boise Foothills Couples Photoshoot was SUCh a blast. I’m a firm believe that you don’t have to be engaged to celebrate a happy time in your relationship. Couple Photoshoots are SO fun and I was so stoked to hang out with Jessi + Nick in the Boise foothills. We had so much fun that I ended up becoming real life friends with them and spent New Year’s Eve with these two.

On the day of their session, they picked me up at my house once we realized we were practically neighbors in the historic East End of Boise, Idaho. I sat in the backseat with their perfect dog, Murphy. I always encourage my couples to bring their furry animals to sessions. 😉 We drove up Bogus Basin road to one of my favorite secret spots at sunset in the Boise foothills with panoramic views. Is there anything like a Boise sunset!?

Jessi is from Boise, while Nick lived in California where they met. They spent the better half of 2017 living in Peru and relocated to Boise after their adventures. I’m seriously so jealous of their amazing adventures together. One of my favorite questions to ask couples when figuring out where to plan their couples session is what they love to do together. I always want the photos I take to feel like a true representation of who they are together as a couple. Jessi and Nick told me that one of their favorite things to do as a couple is walk/hike in the foothills with their dog, so that’s exactly what we did for their session. They just happened to be a little bit glammed up 😉

I’m not kidding when I tell you that I took these photos in MAYBE twenty minutes. It could have been shorter. We got to the top of the mountain with about an hour of light left, so we took our time sipping some whiskey and playing fetch. If you’re ever nervous about being behind the camera, I always encourage spirits to loosen things up. 😉

Once the mountains started to glow, we started taking photos. It seems like as an Idaho wedding photographer, we are always battling crazy weather. But when I’m lucky enough to get some golden light or clear skies, my sessions are super super quick. We ran around the foothills chasing light as the sun went down over the Boise foothills being total weirdos. I laughed so hard when I got home and saw all the photo of their eyebrow kisses and hilarious dancing photos. As I always say, the more awkward the better. It was the perfect session! Thank you Jessi and Nick!

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Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this happy time in your lives. <3

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  1. I recognize them from Instagram – this light is so freaking dreamy it’s not even funny! I love when the light get this point here, too – there’s something about the way everything glows, and the emotion just seems to heighten. Beautiful session, Maggie!

  2. This Boise love session is lovely and it’s so nice that you became such good friends with the couple! And what a beautiful view from that spot!


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