Are you dreaming of Sawtooth Mountain Wedding Venues? Or maybe you have seen Idaho topping lists of the most underrated state in the US. Either way, you can't go wrong with a Sawtooth Mountain Wedding. Idaho is one of the most affordable states in the entire country to get married. The national average cost of a wedding is $44,000 in the United States. The national average cost of a wedding in Idaho is $19,800. Even if getting married in the Sun Valley and Stanley area will be more expensive than the rest of Idaho, you will undoubtedly save more money than if you got married in surrounding popular Rocky Mountain States. The Sawtooths are known for their rugged jagged peaks, crystal clear alpine lakes, hot springs, and so much more. In case you haven't been to Idaho, visiting should be at the top of your list.

Wedding Venues

For couple's who love the mountains, the Sawtooth Mountains are a perfect place to get married. Sun Valley, Ketchum, and Stanley, Idaho are the iconic mountain towns all located in the Sawtooth Mountains. Here are my favorite Sawtooth Mountain Wedding Venues!

  1. Galena Lodge outside of Ketchum, Idaho: If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, Galena Lodge will blow your mind. Galena Lodge is located in the Sawtooth Wilderness next to the Boulder Mountains. This incredible venue has insane views of Galena Summit as well as the Boulder Mountains. Although it's a 25 minute drive from Ketchum, the drive is well worth it. Galena Lodge is the perfect venue if you love adventure. Heck, you could bike on your wedding day! Also, it is a non-traditional venue outside of town. There isn't lodging on site. Therefore, you need to plan on getting ready at your hotel or Airbnb in Ketchum, but getting married at Galena Lodge will feel like you've found your own private retreat in the Sawtooths!
  2. Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch: Luxury in the Sawtooth Mountains! The Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch is unparalleled in luxury and outdoor access. As an all exclusive experience, you won't have to lift a finger if you decide to get married here. The Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch is a special spot for a wedding because of the accommodating staff who host horseback riding tours, private fly fishing lessons, guided hikes, and more. Trust me, they are excel at customer service here. In addition, the dining experience is world class. Book the entire ranch to host all of your favorite people! (The cost to rent the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch for weddings ranges from $35,000-$100,000)
  3. Park Creek Ranch outside of Stanley, Idaho: A private mountain escape located just five minutes outside of Stanley, Idaho in the Sawtooth Mountains. Park Creek Ranch is a private home available to rent for weddings. Above all else, If you want the feel of a private ranch with wide open views of the Sawtooths, this is your place.
  4. Lazy H Ranch in Atlanta, Idaho Imagining a family-reunion style wedding? Lazy H Ranch offers a unique wedding experience as a venue that you can't find anywhere else in Idaho. This special lodge sleeps all of your family and friends in one spot. The lodge requires a minimum stay of 7 nights, therefore, you can spend an entire week with all of your favorite people. Getting to Atlanta, Idaho is an adventure itself. Driving to Atlanta requires all wheel/4-Wheel drive and experienced drivers who are comfortable driving on dirt roads. In addition, The Lazy H Ranch has two private lakes on the acres of private property, a pool, a tennis court, and more.
  5. Central 4-H Camp in Ketchum: Yet another perfect spot for adventure seekers, the Central 4-H Camp in Ketchum is rustic and private. In addition, this venue is out of cell phone range and provides an intimate out of this world experience. Nestled in the heart of the Sawtooth Mountains, you will feel like you are back at summer camp with all your favorite people.
  6. Trail Creek in Sun Valley, Idaho: The Trail Creek Pavilion and Cabin provide everything you need for the easiest wedding day experience. The best perk about getting married at Trail Creek is that the venue cost includes your rentals, catering, your bar, and staff. Trail Creek is located in the town of Ketchum, Idaho and it is one of the closest venues to town. There are beautiful views of mountains with the convenience of being in town.
  7. Black Bear Ranch in Bellevue Idaho: Ranch weddings are true to the Idaho spirit. I love the private experience! You probably haven't heard of Black Bear Ranch yet because it's a newer wedding venue. However, it's a great venue if you value privacy and the convenience of being close to town.
  8. Stanley Meditation Chapel: Located smack dab in the middle of town, the Stanley Meditation Chapel remains the most popular spot in Stanley for weddings. The Sawtooth Mountains feel up close and personal at this incredible spot. If getting married with a mountain backdrop is your top priority, this is the spot. You will need to bring in all of your vendors to make your dream wedding happen, but you can customize it to fit all of your Sawtooth Mountain Wedding Venues goal!
  9. Redfish Lake Lodge: Lake weddings are simply to die for. The Redfish Lake Lodge is a popular spot in the summer for beach goers and families. However, it is a perfect spot to exchange vows if you dream of a beach wedding. Walk along the dock for epic wedding photos at sunset and enjoy the lakeside wedding experience. As a matter of fact, the Redfish Lake Lodge is the only venue on this list with lake access.
  10. Sunvalley Roundhouse I love nothing more than a mountain-top wedding. Furthermore, if you want to get married on top of the Sawtooth Mountains without having to hike, this is the spot. For couples who might want to elope for the views and want to bring your older family members, taking a chairlift is the best of both worlds. And if rain is a concern, the Roundhouse contains an indoor venue space!
Central 4-H Camp in Sun Valley Idaho Wedding
Galena Lodge Wedding
Sawtooth Mountain Wedding Venye Idaho
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Wedding
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Wedding
Park Creek Ranch Wedding Venue in Stanley Idaho
Sawtooth Meditation Chapel in Stanley Idaho

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Drue & Chris Trail Creek Pavilion in Sun Valley, Idaho

Trail Creek Pavilion Sun Valley Idaho Wedding Venue
Lazy H Ranch Atlanta Idaho Wedding
Galena Lodge Wedding Venue in the Sawtooth Mountains outside of Sun Valley Idaho
Galena Lodge Sawtooth Mountain Wedding
Park Creek Ranch Sawtooth Mountain Wedding Venues
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Wedding Venue

Are you wondering where to start when planning your Sawtooth Wedding?

  • First, pick a venue! If you have a venue, you can book your next vendors!
  • Next, solidify a date with your venue! The most popular months in the Sawtooths are June through September.
  • Reach out to a wedding planner familiar with Sawtooth Mountain Wedding Venue. I recommend Emily Aitken Events as well as Sprout Design!
  • Read my guide about how to plan a wedding in Sun Valley, Idaho! Then, send me an email to see if I'm available 😉
  • Generally, booking your wedding planner and venue comes first. Additionally, I recommend booking your photographer.
  • Depending on your priorities, hiring a florist and a caterer will come next.
  • Create on your mood-board/inspiration for your wedding style. Also, will want inspiration to show all of your vendors!
  • If you hire vendors outside of Sun Valley or Ketchum, plan on paying vendor's travel fees. Since the Sawtooth Mountains are difficult to travel to, it's normal for travel fees to incur. Most vendors charge an additional travel fee if it's not built into their pricing.
  • Pick wedding rentals as well as a DJ and a reception tent. Weather is unpredictable in the Sawtooths!
  • Lastly, try to remember this day comes only once. Invest in people you trust who care about your vision. Professionals know what they're doing! Trust them to do their job. Additionally, the Rocky Mountains are unpredictable. Therefore, plan on wind, rain, or potential snow any month of the year. Experienced wedding pros will know how to handle it all!
Sawtooth Mountains Wedding Venues
Unplugged Ceremony Wedding Sign
Trail Creek Wedding Venue in Sun Valley Idaho Reception
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch Wedding Venue

I hope enjoyed this list of the best Sawtooth Mountain Wedding Venues! In conclusion, the Sawtooths create a gorgeous background to say your vows.

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