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Maggie is pure talent & joy. She truly becomes friends with all of her clients and welcomes them into her arms like well established family members. On our wedding day, Maggie felt like just another member of our wedding party! She was welcoming and kind, giving everyone all the hugs, reassuring my nervous parents, and making my husband and his crew laugh. These are all such important things on such a special and chaotic day!

Maggie just "gets" it -- she understands the magic of all the special moments. Those secret hand touches during an engagement shoot, the laughter you share with your father on your wedding day, the epic dance floor moments that naturally tend to happen after a few glasses of wine. Her photos encapsulate all that is beautiful about love and people.

Both my husband and I were drawn to Maggie's photography style. She doesn't air brush to perfection, because she knows that her photos go beyond just "beautiful" they include those fleeting moments that happen throughout your session with her. The most important thing for me looking for a photographer, is that our photos look like "us"! The freckles on my cheeks are visible, my husbands cute unique smile is front and center, our friend's hair is tussled just perfectly from dancing so hard. All of these things that make us human are visible in her photos and I think that's what makes her work extra special. She is respectful of knowing if you prefer a certain side photographed or if are feeling insecure about something (she remembered my feelings about how I felt/looked/what angles from our engagement shoot and made sure on our wedding day, I was happy!) She knows how to make both you, your partner and the beauty behind you shine.

I cannot recommend Maggie enough. She is more than a photographer, she is remarkably an industry expert. Confused about a color palette and what will look better -- she's your girl?!Unsure if you want to add sleeves to your dress and how they will photograph? -- she's your girl! Panicking over bridesmaid drama and want a friend to tell you it will all be okay day of? -- she's your girl!

Thank you Maggie! We can't wait for you to photograph our next important life moments soon. <3

all of these things that make us human are visible in her photos

portland, OR

I remember when I decided that I wanted Maggie as my photographer for my wedding. I wasn't dating anyone, I definitely wasn't planning a wedding. All I knew is whenever I would look at her photos, I knew she was the photographer that I would hire when my special day would come. Fast forward 7 ish years, I got to start planning for my wedding! I didn't even consider anyone else. I wanted her as our photographer so bad I chose my wedding day based off of her availability. My husband and I wanted something small and intimate in northeast Oregon. Maggie helped me find vendors that were close. She sent me instagram pages for hair and makeup artists, which was a huge help. She really puts a lot of effort into her clients and I appreciated that. The day of our wedding was very chill and Maggie fit in perfect with that. I also made her hike up some hills to get to our ceremony and she never complained. She knew the vision I had and was willing to do whatever she needed to do to provide us with photos to last a life time. She made us both feel so comfortable while taking photos and absolutely CRUSHED it. I can't even describe how happy I am with our photos. My husband and I look at them all the time and remember such special parts of our day. I would recommend her to anyone!

- Kayla & Erik

Kind Words

What we got from Maggie is more than incredible photos. We gained an experience. She went through every length imaginable to make sure that we get photos we never dreamt were possible, all while maintaining a fun and energetic attitude. 

- Blaze & Denise

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